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Mechanism of  Auto Body Repair Transmission Repair



Preliminary checks on damage.


The insurer of the vehicle is brought in this part.He reviews all documentation on damaged parts, before tear down or disassembly of the process take place.


The insurer determines the viability and worthiness of repair or to discard the whole process.    The vehicle owner is given the mandate of accepting the right to repair.    cordial relationship between the insurer and customer will enable the mechanic to start work.    The parts for repair are then purchased at a recommended price and delivered to the workshop.


The vehicle then undergoes electrical analyzation to restore the original factory specification.This assists the mechanic to have a preview of what it was like the initial condition of the vehicle and how to start repair work.Analyzing ensures the vehicle frame is straight and structurally sound.    Anybody damage can be paneled first before work paint begins.


Body alignment is checked through the laser system that eliminates any errors during the check-in process.    When the body has passed the test, the vehicle crosses over to the metal workshop for the next stage.


Thorough clean up to pull dust and dirt away for paint work to begin.    The section of paintwork need receive the vehicle when dry of any clean for paint application.     the right adhesion chemistry has to be achieved for the final product.    With the correct mixture the desired paint will have been achieved.    Given the room temperature of the workshop, delay in curing can produce poor quality and it is recommended that the technology of using the infrared applied to fasten the process.Infrared lights shorten the time of curing.


The vehicle is then reassembled.    All parts that include wiring, lighting and airbags are crucial for the motor vehicle to operate as recommended and the need to put them together advised.


The stage of final inspection of the viability of the vehicle and condition is then reviewed.Visibility inspection that includes body paint final touch, window, side mirror and lights functioning.    In order to have a benchmark in their operation, the team that repaired the vehicle will issue a certificate of quality work to the owner of the vehicle as a guarantee of the Lake Ozark's best transmission repair service and that any repairs carried during the duration of the guarantee will be covered at the cost of the workshop.


After examining that vehicle is in a good condition and that the customer understands all costs incurred, the workshop then raises an invoice and any other costs incurred during the repair and the same is copied to the insurer for payment to be effected.Final expense documentation and any future recommendation is raised and issued to the customer. You can learn more by clicking here now!